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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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>> aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> als burn. >> aye. >> fer ill. >> aye. >> kim. >> no. >> mar. >> aye. >> olague. >> no >> weiner. >> aye. >> avalos. >> no. >> camp os no. >> chu. >> aye. >> the ordinance is passed in the first reading as amended. >> colleagues, if we could take a couple of items out of order, related to the reappointments to the public utilities commission, i understand that there is a 4:00 issue if we do not resolve this matter. >> item 26 to 28 were considered by a rules committee on a regular meeting on september 20th, and were
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recommended as amended with new titles. 26 is a motion approving the reappointment of ann mollec caen to the public utilities commission to a term ending august 1, 2016. 27, approving reappointment of francesca vieto to the public utilities commission ending august 1, 2016. and 28, vince courtney to the public utilities commission seat number five to the position of the four-year term ending august 1, 2016. >> any discussion. roll call vote on these three appointments? >> chu. >> aye. >> cohen >> aye. >> als burn. >> aye. >> ferrill. >> aye. >> kim. aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> olague. >> aye.
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>> weiner. >> aye. >> avalos. >> aye. >> camp os aye. >> chu aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> those motions are approved. and if you could go back to item 12, i understand that we have continued that item to a veteran holiday. >> item 12. >> which i think it has been called. >> it has been called. the issue was supervisor weiner requested to be continued to november 13th, which is veteran's day, my apologize. >> i move to resend the continuance and move to continue to november 20th. my apologize. >> supervisor weiner has made a motion to resend and continue to the 20th. without objection, that should be the case. and now if we could continue with the balance of our agenda, colleagues, why don't we go to
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item 21. >> ordinance for amending the police code for foreclosed properties. >> thank you. >> mr. president. >> so item 21, this legislation is a result of more than a year's worth of work that i put in with a number of my constituents. the organizations, the city attorney and the department of building and infection. and no secret that many of us have been struggling with the impacts of foreclosures on our community. often when we talk about the foreclosures we are focused on assisting home owners on modifying their loans or finding resources. however over the last year in district ten in particular, we have also been battling with what what happens after a foreclosure has taken place. many of the homes have fallen into disrepair and become magnets for graffiti and a
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physical bliet on our neighborhood. i have personally spent months contacting entities that own a number of foreclosed properties urging them to comply with nuisance regulations. we found that more often than not, that the individuals or the entities who own multiple foreclosed property have the greatest disregard for our neighborhood and our city's nuisance regulations. now the ordinance before you today, would do a number of things, it would one, it would designate public nuances at foreclosed properties ago vaiting factor and two it would give the court the ability to assess triple penalties for owners of ten or more foreclosed properties who do not abate the public nuisance. i believe that the legislation is fairly balanced and focused at large. neglectful property owners and will serve as another tool for our city and neighborhoods to
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address the impact of foreclosed properties that are left to deteriorate in our community. i would like to thank my colleagues on the land use committee for considering this item and forwarding to the full board with a positive recommendation and i urge your support today. thank you. >> discussion in >> roll call vote? >> chu. >> aye. >> cohen. >> aye. >> els burn? >> aye. >> ferrill. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar? >> aye. >> olague. >> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> camp os. >> aye. >> president chu. >> aye. there are 11 ayes. >> the ordinance is passed on the first reading. >> 22 is an ordinance amending the code to prohibt liquor licenses from the union street
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neighborhood commercial district and require conditional use authorization for limited restaurants. >> thank you, colleagues this is clean up legislation. that was a result of the legislation supervisor weiner passed regarding simplifying our restaurants and our planning code a number of months ago which i really supported. i wanted to thank him for co-sponsoring, union street has a commercial corridor that is subject to discussions between the neighborhood residents and the merchants and had restrictions in place in terms of what restaurants would come on. based upon weiner's legislation some of that got dismantled this is to clean it up to make sure that we have the controls in place that was effective before this legislation was enacted and i hope to have your support. >> without objection, this ordinance is passed on the first reading. colleagues, it is a little after 3:00. why don't we take up the special order for the former
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redevelopment agency. could you call why don't we start with 31 >> a motion of the committee of the whole on september 25th, with the board of supervisors convening as the board of the successor agency of the former redevelopment agency of the city county of the san francisco, to hold the items 23. >> we have a motion to sit as a committee in the hall. is there a second to supervisor cohen's motion? >> seconded by supervisor kim. is there any public comment as to whether we should in the committee as a whole to the former redevelopment agency? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can we pass the motion. >> we will have public comment, on the matter, all that i ask is whether we should sit on the
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committee as a whole to take public comment. so if you have comment on that. public comment is closed. colleagues, could we have a roll call vote on the motion to approve sitting as a committee in the whole. >> chu. >> aye. >> cohen. >> aye. >> els burn? >> fer ill? >> absent. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> olague. >> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> avalos. >> aye. >> come pose. >> aye. >> president chu. >> aye. >> fer ill? >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> motion is approved and madam clerk could you call the item 23 and 24? >> compriseded bored of
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supervisors convenes a whole, acting as the successor agency to the former redevelopment agency of the city and county of san francisco to consider the redevelopment of the agency. >> at this time, what i would like to propose is unless the colleagues, anyone has any enter duct torrey comments is to invite up our city admin traiter to make some opening comments and if there are any other staffers to hear the presentstations and then we will hear from the members of the public who wish to speak to this and we will have deliberation on the items >> good afternoon, board of supervisor, kelley, city administrator, you have before you legislation that is some what similar to the legislation that was before you in january of this year. when last december, av 26 was upheld and the redevelopment agency was dissolved and we were faced with how do we continue with our obligations
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that we have with the hunter point shipyard, mission way, transbay and other housing assets that we have in the city that we would like to continue on in building affordable housing and continuing on with our major develop.. this legislation before you today is some what similar. but what had occurred during that time period is that we had taking. the disolution, we the city stepped up with the redevelopment agency in spent the hard times. >> 1884 came into play in june and turned all of the good work that we have set in to place since january upside down and so we are trying to continue on
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in what we have been doing and so, with this i would like to turnover to tiffany bohe, the director of the successor agency. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, president chu and board members, thank you. city administrator, kelley. as miss kelley outlined in her presentation, this board and the mayor moved swift live in reaction to the dissolution of resefment and as of february first, the board teed up the assets were transferred and affordable housing assets were transferred to the mayor's office of housing which is the designated housing agency and all other assets were transferred to the city under those pisses of the city administrator and the port. all of that, as miss kelley outlined was turned upside down on june 27th. the governor signed into law a budget, number of budget trailer bills including ab 1484
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which amended existing state dissolution law and that bill among other things provided for these successor agencies to be separate, legal entities from the city or county that created them. we would have continued under the direction that you have provided in january under resolution 1112, making sure that we can honor our commitments, wind down activities for these project and housing obligations however we must revisit the structure that you have outlined and provided for. >> this provides for a new successor commission to be created that would have the narrow focus to implement these winding down enforcable obligations. the work yet to complete mission bay, transbay, as well as hunter's point shipyard candle stick and the necessary replacement housing obligations
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as a product of the urban renewal days, those are still obligations, those 6700 units are still obligation to complete and ensure is funded and exist in the framework of these enforcement obligations, the legislation provides for consistentcy and continuity with the actions that you authorized in january to take all necessary steps, this new redevelopment success or agency commission would take all required steps to complete the surviving obligation and that includes any preparation for the obligations of payment schedules that would be resubmitted that remains intact. the governor approved the four appointments to this body and other seats.
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>> this board continues in its role. its sole purpose is to provide a check and balance and to be sure that those are true obligations and that the obligations are spent and paid down. over time, these obligations will dwindle to none. as we know, these long-term affordable housing obligations, these are 20 and 30-year projects we are not yet complete. in addition, the commission, this ordinance authorizes that commission to select an executive director and handle all personnel matters, including the labor agreements. and the employees as we work through the process that mis kelley outlined. those former redevelopment employees who on february one became employees of the successor, agency and continued
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as employees of the city, as successor, through june 27th, they are so-called rclass employees, the legislation as a result of the separate entity status under 1484, this legislation acknowledges that those employees are in fact employees of the separate successor agency. and those liabilities whether those are the pension liabilities, calpur liabilities those are the schedule of obligations that the state reviews, every six months. and we fortunately in san francisco, are first to recognize the obligations, the payment schedules, not one of the hundreds of line items were disputed by the state and that is the good work of city and the constant transparency operating under the box and the rules of the state law. so the employees, again, are employees of the successor agency, and the legislation
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acknowledges that. the delegation authority that you previously gave to implement these surviving redevelopment projects that is also provided for within the body of this legislation. >> i think that we have got i will turn it over to any questions. >> thank you. >> colleagues any questions? >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. colleagues, thanks, again for hearing this item today as a committee as a whole. and i would like to thank the staff for their presentation. thank you so much. and i just wanted to reiterate a couple of things, i am a co-sponsor and will be supporting this as it is drafted with the amendments that will be discussed by supervisor olague. >> not yet. i am just warming it up for you. okay. >> just warming it up for supervisor olague. which clarify that any material
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changes to redevelopment plans or community benefits will come back to the board of supervisors for reconsideration and so this is an important mess sure that they want that they would like to see. so we are reiterating it. additionally it makes it clear that the board of supervisors will still review and approve the successor agencies and your budget. the scope of this new commission is significantly narrow. its role will be to carry out the implementation of the project of the board of supervisors has already approved. i know that there are conversations about the structure of these appointments particularly, whether they should be appointed by the mayor or the board of supervisors and i imagine that you have conversation about that. >> i am comfortable about carrying forward the structure about the redevelopment commission where the mayor
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nominates and the board of approves or rejects them. >> the major projects under the jurisdiction is one that they have spent decades building. projects that have significant amount of private funding. and supervisor that represents a district that is overlayed with project areas, i believe that we need to move as quickly as possible to pass this ordinance so that the projects waiting for consideration and approval can move forward and that we are as consistent as possible with the commission structure that we have previously had. >> mr. president? >> thank you. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. >> comp os. >> thank you very much, mr. president, i want to thank, staff for the presentation, and all of the work that has gone into this matter. i do have a question to the
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chair. the section of the health and safety code that governors how this agency works, actually provides for this board of supervisors to actually serve in the capacity as the governing board of this agency. and i don't know that that is necessarily the way to go. but one of the comments that you made that the head of the agency made was this issue of checks and balances and the concern that i have is that under the current structure that is being proposed by the ordinance, the mayor would basically get to a point all five of the commissioners to this agency, sure that it would be subject to review and approvele by the board of supervisors, to the extent that we are talking about checks and balances why not have a split appointment structure? you know the board like i said could exercise its authority to
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simply, have the board serve in that capacity or have the board appoint all of the members of the commission, but why not, you know, strike a balance, you know, in terms of checks and balances, and have a situation where both the mayor and the board of supervisors in conjunction make the appointments. it would seem to me that that also allows for this board to become even more invested and more engaged in some of the issues that deal with the agency. so i am wondering if there are any thoughts around that issue? >> is there staff that can answer campos questions? >> in response, i think city administrator and cohen have laid out the box in which we are operating really starts
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from the state. redevelopment is dissolved and gone. state dissolution law prevails and the sole purpose and the narrow focus of this body is to complete these surviving projects. it is imperative given the level of affordable housing delivery to thousands of units that would be delivered in these major approved projects. the jobs that would be generated as a result of not only construction, but permanent jobs that would be generated. it is well over in the tens and tens of thousands. we know that redevelopment does have a long history and past. this is not the redevelopment of the past. its sole focus is this narrow box to implement. the redevelopment commission of the entire structure was appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the board through the vetting process. to have the five members to be appointed by the mayor and
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confirmed through the board's process. it is imperative, given the confusing and changing nature, literally, every day we get new guidance from the department of finance in order to respond to their request, in order to honor our commitments to these communities and these private invest tores and the structure has worked in the past and one that will allow for operational efficiency to sure that this board and the will of this board because each of these projects have gone through and been debate and gone through this process through this board's legislative process and through a long, storied community process in each of these communities, decades and decades of work. that the proposed structure would insure that that gets done. >> thank you very much. >> and i understand the comment and i appreciate the perspective. i am still not sure how a split appointment structure would get in the way of that.
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that is what i am trying to understand. so, any way, thank you. >> colleagues, any other questions to the city staff? >> we have supervisor olague. >> i do have to mention that i am receiving a lot of concerns from, you know, constituents who even though we know that it is a new day, don't really believe it, right? so i just hope that we do have some kind of i guess, every few months there is going to be a report back, what type of oversight would we have over the oversight body? the chair, tiffany for the record. the oversight body is kind of in a box and i appreciate supervisor it would have helped to have a chart or some kind of a flowchart, the oversight board, i do not at this time.
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the oversight board has a narrow focus and box. it is solely now, as required not only by 1484 but by direct confirmation and guidance from the state department of finance that has been issued that requires us to have this separate body that solely has this responsibility while there are, it is the responsibility to the taxing entities. they are public noticed hearingings for that over site board. the over site board may invalidate this payment schedule. it has not. given the nature and composition, and of that board. this state is it constantly seeking for us to wind down our activities. so that the nature of the state provides that state statutory authority. your oversight and you will
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over see the activities of the proposed successor commission and all activities through supervisor cohen has stated through approval of the budgets and then there is that separate check that the state department of finance has required that the oversight board again reviews that. >> thank you. >> colleagues, any additional follow up. >> seeing none, why don't we open it up to public comment. if there are members of the public that wish to speak on this you, if you could please, line up on the right-hand side of the chamber and why don't we hear from the first speaker. each member of the public will have two minutes to speak. >> members of the board of super vicers, ray heart. i have heard some questions regarding oversight and those are the concerns that i really had. james and i have been coming to this board of supervisors and
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to the library commission for a long time now. talking about the fact that the private public partnership between the san francisco public library and the friends has been turned over, completely with no oversight by the library commission or the library. they spend million and spend millions in the year in the names of the citizens in this city. the library commission and the lie braeer an come before the public saying that they are doing a wonderful job and now we find out through the public record requests that they have no idea whether the statements they are making have any truth at all. none. >> the chief financial officer of the librarian singleton has admitted that she has no idea about $5 million that has been given to the branch library improvement program which they have nothing to up sport. they don't know what it consists of and they have
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nothing but a number. an imagine narry number as i have mentioned before. and when this was a redevelopment agency, i took some comfort in knowing that the state was going to do a final audit to determine what was going to happen and we know that there have been cases in the state where the redevelopment funds have been founded to be expended illegally in millions and millions of dollars. and now, i have a funny feeling you are going to turnover to this... jimmy rigged agency and you are going to advocate any responsibility to really see if that money is being spent for what it was supposed to be spent for. i have no confidence in you, and i really question why any of the citizens in the city would either. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >>
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>> i'm cathy alalulo. >> i live in district four, home owner and also a business owner in west portal. >> we have owned our home for 37 years. and i found out about this rv situation. >> excuse me ma'am, this hearing is for the ordinance of the success or agency to the development agency. we already had a hearing on the rv legislation. >> we will not be able to provide that. >> next speaker. >> my name is willie radcliff, i public the newspaper and i am a general contractor and developer. and this is an opportunity for
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the cities for the redevelopment agency to be run favored by the men of the city and not just a few elite developers that wind up with all of the money. so i really want to see the board of supervisors make sure that they appoint at least half of those people so that we can be sure that people from our neighborhoods wind up serving in the redevelopment agency, we have never had anyone from bay viewpoint serve on the board. at this time our community is organizing and we are going to not going to tolerate with what happened with the last redevelopment agency cutting us out. we want to do development in our own area. we have set up to raise money in our community involving our people to make sure that this won't happen. and so, we would like for the board of supervisors for the people that have been left


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